From the moment i click the Publish button each Sunday, there is this relief and relax moment for achieving my aim. Then after sharing through mails and social media, the one thing that comes into me mind is What’s going to be next?”
and then the week is filled with everyday thought about it.

So I go through the week spending each day and any less busy minute thinking and planning on what needs to be published. During those moments every little thing counts so I pay a lot of attention and take notes when needed.
Anything that sounds interesting, new, or motivating, I jot down even if it touches my heart only but makes sense to no one.

The thing is there’s always something new in each given moment and in that new thing is a message for everyone. What it takes for one to receive that message is just to pay extra attention and live in The Present.

With this week, as tough as I saw each day to be it only got tougher the next day and so on, so my supposed day of rest never came but what I had instead were loads and loads of experiences some old but refreshing others new.

My week started with me loosing an old pet named Rush, a dog and he was 8years old; “May he rest in peace“. Then loads of personal and denominational stuffs which were so stressful, my only hope was Friday which I thought could be my resting time.
As terrible as the week was I was reminded how much I can not trust my own self but can Believe in myself, since I sometimes promise myself one thing but find myself doing the opposite.
Someone is always going to better than me, more intelligent, more beautiful, richer, smarter, love me more, hate me for no apparent reason and the list goes on.

Its also important to have your own version of someone; I think my write up on “The Beauty within each Beast” covers that.

I guess my most amazing experience this week was going on a boat ride. Didn’t think I was going to give up my Friday resting day for an exchange program touring, and I kept lamenting on how I wished there was a way I could just vanish to an island and return after all was over during the week. But thought of the fact that some people I didn’t even know left their busy schedules, families and comforting homes settling in a less comforting place considering the weather throughout the weekends to meet us and get to know us too. I felt I likewise needed to give up something for them too so their stay will be worth it.

Riding a boat for the first time in my entire life wasn’t scary to me it felt adventurous and I loved it. I guess the funniest part of it was when we got to the middle of the lake and the Conductor asked us all to pay him the fare. One can imagine all the shock and shouting; “How do you mean we are to make payment here on a moving boat? in the middle of the nowhere? where will we run to? What if my purse fell into the lake while doing so?” Lol!

I asked myself is he planning on leaving us all here in the middle of the lake so we die if we don’t give him the money? It wasn’t like we were going run away with his money the moment we hit the ground.

The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments. Thich Nhat Hannh.

Which is indeed true since my choice to live and enjoy the moment on Friday rather than getting done what needed to be done before Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, caused me to live and enjoy the moments of each passing minute. Infact I only got to listen to more beautiful music, dance, laugh, meet new people, and less of headache.

My simplest definition to Living in the moment is Living in the Now; being consciously aware and in the present with all your senses, focusing on the task at hand. Not the Past not even the Future, but the Present which is without fear nor regret.

When you aren’t being present, you become a victim of time. Your mind is pulled into the past or the future, or both.
Your thoughts are of the past: what has been, what could have been, what you thought happened and what actually did happen.
It’s natural to spend moments of thought in the past or in daydreams of the future.
But when our lives are led by thoughts and emotions attached to past events and potential future outcomes, standing peacefully and firmly rooted in the present becomes increasingly rare.

Our routine and habit, is to be off in our heads somewhere mulling over negativity and struggles of the past, or becoming anxious and fearful of the future. Hardly are we fully “here”; neutrally centred to see through the lens of life with clarity and naked awareness. A state that assists us in finding contentment and understanding in ourselves, but then just because we’re used to doing something often doesn’t mean it is good for us, or the right way to live.

If you allow yourself to be a victim of the past and a slave to a future that is yet to unravel, you will carry with you a sense of unease. You will be susceptible to stress, agitation and feel generally uncomfortable in life.

Personally I know how hard it is especially in our world to ignore what needs to be done and enjoy what is being done at that moment, and most parents ignore the time they get to spend with family so they can earn more money for the family.

If I remember correctly in a story where a child asks his dad to come home early so he gets to see him but the father furiously told him the amount of money he will loose if he misses work for even an hour (let’s take that to be a dollar). The boy then gets a box and drops a coin in it daily until one day he handed it to his father. When asked he told him “I’m buying you for one hour of your working hours, take this money so you can come home an hour earlier before my bedtime”.

Not every one will be bold enough to do so, but it plainly tells he needed his father’s presence then more than the father’s savings towards his son’s future. One of life’s most important thing is to appreciate the little you have and live in that moment, because someone is always going to wish they had what you have now.

As much as we can never successfully be at two or more places at a time, so can we not be in two different moments without loosing one or both. Life is meant to be lived and successfully, and you do that by being ” Here”, in the Present and Now.

Let’s not loose the important people and interesting things in our lives by concentrating on the past or future. Let’s focus on what is active and ongoing. Surrender to what is right now. Wherever you are, commit to being there, completely. Life will take care of the rest.

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