What does it mean to be human?

Or to put it more precisely,

What are we saying about others when we describe them as human?

Is it to possess the ability to invent, and create?
Is it the ability to show compassion and feel empathy for other living creatures?
Is it to have the desire to love and be loved or love yet never receive that in return?
The ability to make one’s own choice or decision and later realize it was a wrong one, but still be glad since you made it?
Or the ability to feel more life-like?
Or maybe being concerned about that which looks like you only while making the other creatures feel like they do not matter?

Our lives shows what it’s like to be a human being. But how that life is like takes more than being born as such.
We are all human beings, if not all at least those who look like us.
But not all can be termed as human.

Human being is a person especially as distinguished from other animals or as representing the human species involving the way we talk to others, respond to them, and the way we do everything with other similar creations (human).

Being human on the other hand is more philosophical which simply means understanding that others are human too. That they have equal rights with you and that you should treat them as you would wish they treat you too.
It’s using the qualities that only you as a human being has received and other species don’t have, like intelligence, emotions, differentiating right from wrong and applying them.

One question I’m fond of asking myself especially when I get to make a choice between me and another person is; What is it at all in being human when it can not cause me to love more, give more and care more especially for those who have nothing to offer in return.

The image above is man part of a rescue team who saved the cat from a burning house. As much as that cat couldn’t say “Thank You“, that look on its face, relaxed in the man’s arms tells a lot, like to say “You thought of me to be worth saving too?”.
It”s  look also tells how scared it was to be left along in that burning house.
Children are the constant group that often make them feel that they matter too. One will hardly find a child running away from danger leaving his  or her pet or even a doll behind unless their mum was shouting at them to leave, and with that they do so with bitterness amidst tears.
Sometimes we do not understand them but the truth is even they with their childish mentality knows who is dependant on them and who is not. That is why they go back for them because they know that if they don’t no one else will.

It was so hurtful for me the first time I saw this statement that read that “All creatures strive to the max of their potentials, except humans”.
It did hurt because it is true, and we do that since we have the power to make choices.
We get to be the ones with total self awareness among other creatures

One of it is to be a part of all what we were meant to be or to be All of it. As much as we were not created to be partly human but whole,  so are we meant to act and live in that manner.

The world has come so far since someone chose to be human enough to put the joy of other people before his, to live not only for him or herself, rather living like a one decision will affect the whole world.
We do not have to be super beings so as to be human, its being who you are; a human being, and that little extra added to the ordinary way everyone lives is what will make you ExtraOrdinary.

We’ve all been gifted with the power to be human beings. Now is the time to make it count.

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