My brother who is an artist would sometimes send us copies of his work and ask us to give it a name. Amazingly we would come out with different names for it and of course an explanation to fit the name making it meaningful. At the end we will agree on the most suitable one as per the meaning attached.

Art, although a simple three-lettered word, has a broad definition. From photography to music to dance to painting, everything is a form of art. Its about creating something without words, something that speaks to people in a language of its own. There is a little bit of art in everything around us and to be able to capture that art and interpret it in one’s own words its fascinating.

Art is something we do, its an expression of what we are thinking of, our emotions, intuitions, and desires. In a more personal way it’s about sharing the way we experience the world, differently. It is the communication of intimate concepts that cannot be faithfully portrayed by words alone. With Art a small word or image gives out broad meaning.

However, art is not necessarily positive: it can be deliberately hurtful or displeasing: it can make you think about or consider things that you would rather not. But if it evokes an emotion in you, then it is art.

With Art comes the beauty of freedom and a simple look at artist or a photographer tell it all. Its like they have created a world for themselves in their artwork and are still living it in the real world making it look so free. No matter how broken a city is, a simple art can give it the beautiful future everyone hopes for with just a sketch. likewise a great city can torn apart with a single painting on a wall with no word attached.

Also how a photographer can beautifully captures a moment and preserve it, making it live on for centuries.

None of us would have known how cute or adorable we did look like as babies without photographs of them. Sonograms making it possible for images of foetus in utero to be taken. Our daily life activities has been worth living them since whenever you take a look at a photograph you took a day or years back, you take yourself to live that moment again being it alone or with the lovely people beside you.

Years ago I walked into a photo studio to have a passport size photograph taken. Alone with the female photographer who worn a very beautiful smile, i sat up straight. She asked me to smile and I did, then she repeated “smile”, I put in what I thought was my best. Then again she looked into my eyes and said ” smile with your eyes”. It was the craziest thing I had ever heard in my life then and with a weird look I asked myself “how am I supposed to smile with my eyes?” Funny enough I managed to do so and up to date I look at it and I know its the most beautiful picture I’ve ever taken. It looks so true and natural.

Art has always earned a special place in the hearts of men. Its brought lots of love and healing to the world filling it with its bright and beautiful colour which all comes with different meanings attached. From our looks outwardly to the looks within, and giving us the freedom to be ourselves. The freedom to live with our different opinions which all matters, and the freedom to paint our lives as per how we want it.

To an Artist anything is possible. Just give him or her a pencil and a sketch pad and they can give you anything on a single sheet. If you can’t stop falling in love with arts like I do, then you know its your life because you connect with each art work you see and knowing its meaning arouses the inner you.

The world needs Art as much as humans need air. Let’s all live it to the max.

Art is not in the eye of the beholder, its in the soul of the Artist!


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