A FATHER’S LOVE; The Pure Yet Unseen

Father's Love

A father’s love is pure and a priceless gift to every child, and by Father i do not only mean biological ones otherwise we would be considering “sperm donors” too and neglecting the ones that never had one biologically but fathered many.

It is clear that some fathers have or had less or no involvement in the life of their wards. Some refuses to be responsible for a pregnancy for fear of having to face the world being a father at a time they never wanted.

But my post today is not centered only on Biological Fathers, rather to Honour the True ones. Fathers who stood by their children throughout their days on earth. During tough, terrible and worst moments plus the good ones.

Those that without second thought accepted “The Executioner” position pushed unto them by mothers who only lays out the child’s error so as to stay on their favorite side. Yet ready to spank and correct the child in any manner appropriate. As their cries and tears break his hearts, the father only look up to how important it is to put his ward right.

Much is written and said of a mother’s love but really a father’s love has its own special power.

Its mostly not noticed since more attention is directed to the mother right after birthing a child. But the birth of a child is a major shift in many men’s view of life. If you ever want to see how broken or weakened a man can ever be try visiting the labour ward. Right from the delivery room the soon to be Father is often more anxious and scared more than the labouring mother yet they try to conceal it. Although labour pains is truly unbearable but its never as much as seeing someone you love in pain and not being able to do anything about it or being the one sitting at the waiting room. These men painfully watch their partners throughout the screaming and crying, sometimes hold their hands and becoming their strength.

In fact, many men will be quick to admit that with that first glance at their child especially the first ones, they know immediately that there is nothing they wouldn’t do to protect and care for that little person. Being a father is a role that a man can take on with pride anticipating the joy that comes with watching his children grow up.

A Father’s love means many things to many people. For some, it is the support and encouragement they received before a big game. With others it could be hours that dad spent helping them with their homework. But above all, one of the most special things about being a father is that feeling of accomplishment when your child, one that you nurtured, loved and taught does something great.

For a daughter, a father’s love is one of the most important bedrocks of her growing up. She will look to her dad as a symbol of what is good and admirable in a man. It is in the way that dads complement their daughters for their intelligence, beauty and strength that in turn solidifies a young woman’s belief in herself. Indeed another one of the very special aspects of being a dad. Likewise the son who only want to be like the father when he grows up and so imitates whatever the father does.

I grew up in an environment where I was taught to be bold and brave never to be afraid of anyone or anything nor intimidated. At age 4years my siblings and i were all made to be responsible for one bird, i picked a chick and had to make sure it was fed and comes back home at night. My big brother Daniel was the best, can’t ever beat him on that. We could not do much then since we were all young but my father was teaching us how to be responsible, caring and above all empathic to which no book on earth has ever taught me that much. As a young girl my father made feel that my opinion did matter even when it didn’t make sense. Somehow I find myself here today posting each Sunday because I know and believe in myself that whatever I post here matters.

I wished i could share more and more of how much my father has loved and imparted a lot in our lives. Yet its quite sad, and hurting to most fathers as to why such Pure Love is yet not seen as such, and how often the world choose to let the mistakes of other fathers affect all of them. I bet if we were to switch sides and responsibilities the world would be celebrating Fathers’ Day more than that of mothers. A look at our 21st century Fathers, mothers totally needs to stand still since fathers are winning the love and affection and I’m so proud of them all.

To my Fathers, Brothers, Friends, Male fans and all you lovely daddies or soon to be daddies.

Happy Fathers Day!

God bless you all!

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