Hardly a day goes by without someone writing or saying that “We need to Save the World!”.
Most of our lives greatest goal has been wanting to save the world, we feel the immediacy of the need to save our world and want to be part of the saving group. It seems most of us wants our own page in a comic book like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and what have you. Being the Heroes that save the world, so the world will remember and honour us. But what manner of Hero will you be when you can not even save yourself.

Does the world really needs saving? Does it require us saving it when we can not even save ourselves?

A video I once watched of someone making a list for an ideal partner. The first list she makes was about herself, who she is, her likes and dislikes, then she puts in all that she wants to find in the ideal partner happily in the second list thinking that was all. Now she was asked to make a third list comparing all what she expects in the partner to her self list, noting those that she is not, but want her partner to be and then begin living that way for her ideal man. Definitely not so lovely like the magic she expected.

In our world, we have always and mostly expected others and the world to be more than what we ourselves are not prepared to be.  So like the lady we all make a list of what needs to be done for the world, what change is required, who to pull down and who to push up so as “to make the world a better place“. We can clearly figure out the wrongs with others or the wrongs done to world but ignore the worst in ourselves. But  how can we save the world when we do not see the darkness in our own hearts while pointing to that of others. How can we make the world free from corruption when we wallow in it and care less about what is true. When we ourselves do not see the need for a positive change, how can we force the world to cope with our idea of change. Making this world a better place when we ourselves ain’t good enough.

The world itself needs saving from NOTHING, and if it ever does it will be saving it from all those people that think they can, or are trying to save it. The world is quite capable of taking care of itself with or without our interference. Birds don’t need humans to teach them how to fly, fishes how to swim, or the river how to flow, nor the trees how tall it should grow, they all existed before us and are part of the world.

The question is; What is the best way for me to participate in this world? To fit into it, What is the best way for me to serve the world?
And you answer it by being the change you want to see in others and the world, setting good example, and saving yourself first.

We are not Super People with Superpowers. We are common people with great courage and strength and accomplishment. Our greatest gifts to this world are our open hearts, our light, our strength, and the genius of our whole true selves. We are all being called to be our best selves, a solution not the problem or fault finder. The world needs our Truth. It needs our strength, our light, and our whole true selves. You have my permission to remind yourselves right now to lay down your worry, your fear, your overwhelm, and turn toward your precious selves, and brighten the corner where you are. Only through loving and paying attention to yourselves will you be able to rise up and serve in the most effective ways. To arrive at solutions that are positive and sustainable.

We are in here to fit into a part of the earth and that is it, fitting in not fixing it. It was never messy before we came in, so whatever mess we find now is what we created and needs to be cleaned by us. Not by seeing it as a favour we are offering the world.

Only the individual can rise to the heights of consciousness and awareness. The more you belong to the crowd, the deeper you fall into darkness” ~Osho

The only way to save the world is to save Yourself first!



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