Here I am once again sitting, like a week ago with my miracle right before me and just speechless, not even knowing what to do.

I don’t know why you asked that of me that day and letting it go so you could have it was so tough because it meant a lot to me. Yet I gave it out since you said I can trust in you whenever you promise. I was hoping for an instance miracle instead I woke up to a Golden promise, a testimony to surpass all testimonies.

Things only got tougher and life harder that it felt you had forgotten me. I only got to watch as others rejoiced and gave out their testimonies. I was truly happy for them because each testimony meant you are still in the miracle business. Somehow I got tired of reading those promises I boldly wrote and pasted on my locker everyday.

With seconds turning to minutes, minutes to hours, into days, weeks, months and so on. It felt like it was just not getting to my turn. Above all there were so many evidence proving  my miracle was so impossible. I had people who constantly told me it was impossible, they lived the impossibility and that was all they ever received. Since when you believe, you will receive, being positive or negative.

Indeed father, you did tell me people will doubt my testimony and I’m still struggling to make them believe its reality but what you did not tell me was that I was going to have doubts days before it happens. That it was going to keep me speechless. Make me pinch myself each day to be certain I’m not dreaming.


I don’t really know what to say nor do. What at all will be enough? What at all will please you much? What at all will be worthy of you?

It seems my song of praise is not enough, my rolling does not seem enough, my screaming does not seem to be loud enough, neither are my tears. So please tell me since its kept me dumbfounded.

You are the Greatest

There is none like you

The impossibility possible God

You did it Again.

This may just sound  like my write up of praise, but it can also be your. Since the more you are happy for others joy you then pave way for yours to run through.

I do not know what you have been praying for and how long you have waited for a miracle to take place. But miracles only cease to exist when you stop believing. I have talked about Faith, Hope, Believe, and Gratitude. I am not through with my miracle and testimonies and for sure they will all come to past since He (God) Can not lie to me.  I do not care how people will react to my testimony they are at liberty to believe it or not either way I am still leaving it.

So move out of your own way and stop blocking yourself from living the life you are meant to live. When he promise you can always trust in him, he means every word that he says. He understands what you going through and does not want you to face it all alone. Just come to him and Believe he can.






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