In my post today I have three (3) questions for my readers. I would want each person to try answering the questions each time before reading on.

My first question; Do we choose the life we live, or does it choose us?

A greater percentage of how we live life is as per what life chooses for us, and the lesser percentage coming from our own life decisions and choices. For instance; no one chooses the parents that conceives them nor your siblings. You cannot choose what affects you emotionally, physically, or mentally. You cannot choose who you encounter, who helps you, or who hurts you. You cannot even choose who your heart should love truly. Being fair or not, its chosen for us by life and so we just live it and can do less to change it, and truly is through living it that you discover your destiny. Some people are born to be leaders, and so no matter where they find themselves they exhibit that potential. We find most people saying; I didn’t choose that but I found myself in it, I never thought I will ever end up in this profession or end up with this person, that was a no go area for me but that is where find myself now and I’m glad I sticked to it.

Yet there are times where we are meant to decide for ourselves and choose a particular life and is within this that we get to change some negative aspect of our originally  chosen life like doing away with the negative people we encounter or end a   relationship.


This brings me to my next question; What do you want in life or what life do you want?

Here comes the dreamers, and high five if you day dream. I practically did that throughout basic and high school. If I’m not paying attention and smiling to myself, guys its not for the sake of a boy, I’m just day dreaming. Seeing myself in a different world of my own and living like I want to, beautifully. The sad part it, you always wakeup and there is reality.

I’ve heard many people answer this question in a lovely way; I want the perfect job, perfect family, nice house, nice car, wealth, happiness and so on.  Wanting only the best and perfect of everything. Is nice wanting and seeing yourself in the best of life, but its sad because we do not always get what we want. Somethings are chosen for us by life itself and we get to only live it, never changeable. The few once we get to control, how do we live it? Do we cope and face the challenge till success or just give up, stick to anything and just hope for our Perfect life to manifest miraculously?


So my final question, a more interesting one, a question that perhaps you have never considered before; What pain do you want in life?

I guess almost everyone is going to stay mute now, wonder why I will even ask that because nobody wants pain. But what are you willing to struggle for?

Everybody wants to have an amazing job and financially independent yet not everyone wants to suffer. People want to be rich without the risk, sacrifice and patience. We want an awesome relationship and a perfect partner but not everyone is willing to be the perfect partner for someone else, or prepared for the tough conversations, awkward silence, the hurt feelings with so much emotions attached.

The fact still remains; Happiness requires struggle, and the positive is the side effect of the negative. Positive experiences are easy to handle the negative is what we all struggle with. The quality of your life is not determined by the quality of your positive experiences but your negative ones, and to be good at dealing with the negative experiences is to be good dealing with life. Benefits always comes with the cost. If you want something and after months and years nothing is happening to you coming close to it, then maybe its just a fantasy, and probably you just enjoy wanting it or maybe you don’t want it at all. We can never have a pain free life.

Therefore if you want a perfect family you need to work it out be prepared to be everyone’s idiot so they feel they are smart and wise. If you want to attain financial independence work it out, get your hands dirty, be so hungry and angry for that. If you want happiness do not expect it from others be the source of your own joy.

In all I would say life is mysterious and will always be, its a journey of which we should be daring enough to explore .We can not always change all that happens in our lives since life itself sometimes chooses that for us and should be satisfied with those. But the few ones we get to control we should make it worth fighting and living for, since the quality of life we make out of this is what matters most.






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