LEGACY; Immortality for Mortals


From childhood I have moved from one place to the other, meeting lot of people and placing each into my own category based on their personality. I have made a lot of friends likewise anti-fans and leaving each friend behind anytime my family had to relocate had left them broken and me empty till I made new friends at a new place. The worst of me is I hardly look back to those I left behind, but I’m learning to undo that.

At some point, I resolved to not making friends so that leaving them doesn’t have to hurt and as such I have walked in and out of most lives silently and quietly. But one thing I have often thought of is; how am I going to be remembered? How will those I leave behind remember me? Will remembering me be for a positive cause or a negative one? And so I often leave my fingerprints on the heart of most lives as far as they let me.

Basically I think meeting people and being in their lives has always been for a purpose likewise being part of this generation. I try as much as I can to figure out why I met this person or that one and ask myself “what am I here to learn or impart”? Knowing your purpose in a life helps you to learn or impart well into that life. We should all ask ourselves what will we be remembered for? Will we be missed? How will the next generation know we were here too? There was this plant in my high school and students use to write the nicknames on it, my batch met names of other past students on it and so some of us did same. It was a way to be remembered by those who never met us, so they know these people were here too.

Living as mortals means we will die at a point, but what if we don’t have to die, what if we can live forever, through something we create. Most people are just trying to survive, most people when they die they live on.


Legacy a mean of being immortal, a mean of living even when you are no more, a mean of being remembered 100 years later when there is no close relation to tell your story. How great it will be will be based on how you want it to be. It  may not be as huge as how others own will be but it will be worth sharing and remembering.

Legacy requires one to die when he’s alive and live when he’s dead. By death when alive means giving up most valuable things to build up that legacy so it lives on when you are dead. Its all about how you choose to serve the world, making the lives of others better. It does not have to be something huge, its about touching the lives of others, and making their lives memorable.


One way I choose to serve the world is by giving it Hope through my write ups. It may not reach everyone, it may not serve its purpose to everyone. But it may mean everything to somebody, somebody I may never meet or know, somebody who may not yet be born, and to that somebody I write and post every week so he or she may have what I never received and live like I never did. That is how I choose to live on, by dying for this purpose now.

We alone can not change the world neither can we stay alive to tell or stories but we can live on, making the world a better place for the next generation with the love we leave behind when we are no more.

Decide today what your legacy is going to be, what will people remember you for? Don’t just try surviving, live and mark the world with your purpose of being in it. Become immortal with what you live behind.







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