I’ve had some good days

I’ve had some Hills to climb

I’ve had some weary days

And some sleepless nights

But when I look around

And think things over

All of my good days

Outweighs my bad days

I won’t complain…

I asked a little girl in my house to come out with a topic I can talk about on my blog weeks ago and I was overwhelmed yesterday, right after I got home from work she rushed to hand over to me a sheet of paper with a list of topics with the last one being “Be Unbreakable”. She explained it simply as not easily broken; I promised to dedicate this to her, although it would not be about her, it will be about a woman.

On the celebration of the Women’s Day someone wished me with an image that talked about Strong, Compassionate, Beautiful, Unique, Powerful, Ambitious Women, and I cannot think of anyone who fits completely to all the above than one Brave and Strong Black Woman I know and admire so much.

She is a natural Beauty, Bold, Intelligent, and used to have one of the most beautiful smiles, one that came from the heart and could melt the hardened heart, but have had it die out slowly with series of scaring leaving it with a hidden pain.

She has been lied on, talked about, cheated, mistreated, used, scorned, misunderstood, betrayed, rejected, looked down upon, abandoned, judged wrongfully, bent, pushed almost to the ground. She’s been held up as everyone’s safe and problem solver, and taken down as a Rigid Assertive Woman.

“Its funny when people can not control you, they tend to control how others see you”,



A Brilliant lady of whom some colleagues rushed to for help while in school but almost always failed even when everyone was successful. It took her 6years to get a high school certificate that only takes 3years to acquire, and almost 10years to attain a college Diploma that only requires 3years. Each failure ate a part of her away but she never paused not to do it over again. She found love at a point and gave out her all but lost it in a very bitter and unfair manner, yet stood firm to face the world becoming The Strength of others while at her weakest. She’s been tried so many times, bent to a state where living and fighting back didn’t seem like an option, pushed to corner where identifying herself seemed so difficult because she had so many scars all over her. But in all she’s learnt to stand tall, firm, strong, and focused. Sticking to her believes, likes, and faith no matter the number of love ones that turned away from her or how pitiful and awful people looked, at her till she got to the top proving who she truly is “A Conqueror”. She still wakes up each morning, dress up, walk out of her room ready to face all that the world has set to throw at her. She does not look up to winning each battle but she is ready to live as a Strong Black woman in a Black Man’s land, staying strong and Unbreakable.



Our world is full of such changes and sometimes get worst irrespective of your gender. Most situations leaves us shattered like a broken mirror, so bad that it seems it can never be amended. It is true that even after putting the broken pieces together one will never look like before, but will surely look as strong and brave as never was. Sometimes it feels like surrendering to that torture and pain, no wonder some people looses themselves because they feel like they either have to die with it, or move on holding unto bitterness.

Being Unbreakable does not mean you can not be bent , it doesn’t mean you can not fall. Being Unbreakable is by getting up no matter the number of times you have fallen. Its standing even on a fracture limb, moving even when there is no help and letting nothing cause you to turn away from your path. You will  never know how strong you can be until being strong is all you got.

There are those who would want to stay where they are and accept what life and society has defined them to be as weak, helpless and broken. When you try moving out of the shell challenging what has been put before you, letting not yourself be or stay broken, they only see you as greedy and not content with what you have. But how will our world be if we do not pull ourselves through the pain and suffering to become who we are meant to be. We will only be termed as a broken world, not that the world itself is broken but the people within.

The time to rise up and out of our broken selves is NOW. To be focused and not afraid, believe in ourselves and not how others see us or expect us to be. It is time to wipe off those painful tears and rise up bold again. There is faith and there is always hope.


The Challenge is on; Be strong but not rude, Be kind but not weak, Be bold but not bully, Be thoughtful but not lazy, Be humble but not timid, Be proud but not arrogant, Have humor but without folly, Be bent but never Broken!



DEDICATED TO: Princess Abena Pokua Archer



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