Gratitude is from the Latin word “gratus comes the word meaning ‘pleasing, thankful’ .

In some books is defined as the quality of being thankful or readiness to show appreciation to something. Not only showing but the feeling attached to it can clearly show the extent to which one is grateful for what he or she has receive no matter how small.

Mostly people pray for a better life and look at Better like there’s something wrong with their lives Now.
But how do you expect get more when you are not grateful for what you have now?

When you begin to be grateful even for the negative things in your life seeing them as something to learn from, you tend to tell God and the universe to bring you more good things so you can thank him more.

Whenever you think of the life you are living now to be so wrong with nothing good coming out of it, you begin to direct your attention to it and tend to attract more of the negative stuffs of which you do not want.

It’s like gifting something to someone and all they say is “you should have given me that one too or the other” without even thanking you for the first one.

There is this story of a bird that was suffering too much, it was sick almost looking like the walking dead. One day this bird saw a man who was going to heaven and asked him to find out when its suffering will be over. The man met an angel and told him about the bird, the reply from the angel was its suffering will last over 70years. Feeling sorry for the bird the man asked the angel again what the bird can do to ease the suffering, then the angel replied “The bird should say Thank you for everything, all the time”. On his return the man told the bird just as he was informed. So the bird starting saying “Thank you for everything“, every minute and even when the suffering and pain worsened until it was completely healed. At the end the bird didn’t have to suffer for 70years because he begun appreciating each life he was given thereby being grateful.

Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time, its about loving what you have and being grateful for it. But what do we do? We spend most of our time complaining and worrying about what we want and do not have yet, forgetting that the more we think and concentrate on what we do not want we end up attracting more of it.

To be grateful means to find blessing in everything you have even if its negative. Ask yourself how grateful you have been even for the few months of this year. Were you grateful that you failed that exams you took? That out of the 10 people who were interviewed you alone got rejected? Grateful that you have no house to call a home? Grateful that even as a teenager you have to struggle, hustle, and take care of yourself throughout school with no help from anybody? Or have you ever been grateful that 5years after college you are still unemployed and dependent on your family while your mates work in big factories, riding your dream car and even started raising a family? Are you grateful that even after 25years of marriage you are still without a child, not even a single miscarriage and you have to go through each day with people naming you as barren? Grateful that after so many years of marriage, struggling together to earn, it fails, you are denied of any property and you have to live facing the world after divorce? Grateful that from birth you have to suffer from a chronic or genetic condition everyday? Are you?


Who Knows maybe you failed that exam so you can rewrite and get a better grade, or you got rejected because a better offer awaits you, and there are people owning houses but have no joy? you don’t need a house to call a home, or you are being raised up as a strong and independent man or woman to prepare you for a tough future where you can stand up not only for yourself but others too, or you are being taught to endure every pain and be patient since latter glories are always greater than the former.

The fact is Gratitude is an essential part of being present, when you go deeply into the present gratitude arises spontaneously. Also when you focus on Gratitude the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rules; thus the energy of gratitude pushes you to feel more happy and thankful.

Therefore empty your cup of misery, self-pity, regrets, worry, and fill it up with gratitude. There and then you will have what you want the most since the mind will be centered on good and healthy things, and you will attract more of it. So sometimes we see people who are always increasing and getting more of what they desire, its because they are always grateful for the little they receive. Don’t get jealous, rather learn their attitude of being grateful and you will receive same.

Keep a gratitude Journal, and everyday try and write at least five (5) thing you are grateful for. It can even be seeing the smile on a little girl’s face or meeting a new person. As you do so your heart and mind will be open to seeing the beauty in even the negative stuffs, and you will begin to receive loads and loads of what will keep that energy of gratitude.

Nothing good can come into your life, unless you are grateful for what you have Now. Learn to relax and be in your “NOW”, there is always a reason to why things happen the way they do.


2 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

  1. Very true, God tend to do more for us when we become thankful for the little we have. Thanks dear for this great piece, keep inspiring us . God bless you.

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