I came across this image in 2014 during a training I attended, and a second glance at it made me describe it as “The Beauty within each Beast”. Its a two faced image consisting of a young beautiful girl denoting The Beauty, and an Ugly old woman also as The Beast.

Beauty can be termed as the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.

Beast on the other hand can be termed as an objectionable or unpleasant person or thing.

Within each individual there’s these two personalities. There are some people you will meet and the first thing you notice is the Beauty in them, others the ugly part being the Beast is noticeable at a glance.

The way each human behaves results from two things, Nature and Nurture. Nature is hereditary while Nurture results from environmental factors. For instance some people are naturally introverts but when put into a particular environment will turn out as extroverts, others in the same environment will still remains introverts.

Meeting the Beauty or Beast in someone on first contact is mostly dependent on nature and nurture. Although first appearance counts it shouldn’t be the final description of someone because you may not know the psychological state of the person at that moment.

Beauty and Beast (Ugly) is what each individual is made up of, the difference is the part which one we chooses to be dominant in us.
I like it when I first meet the Beast in people, it’s easier coping with them. When all I see is the Beauty in them, there is fear of the unknown.
It’s cool being able to tell out and see the Beast (Ugly) in someone but before you blame or judge them for how they behave, try walking in their shoes first. Who knows you may turn out as the worst form of their Beast.

Although debatable, I believe almost each Beast can be turned into a Beauty depending on how you handle them. It may take time and maybe forever.
I’m mostly moved to reach out to the Beauty in most Beast (Ugly) I come across thus reaching out to what is within and not only the outward appearance, and maybe try to make it dominant. Looking beyond physical ugliness can lead to true happiness. Often in our society, an unattractive or disfigured person is usually depicted as a villain with a warped personality . The sad part is most people chooses to stick to the Beasty (Ugly) part in them never leaving space for the Beauty to fill, but I don’t blame them. It just hurt giving up on them, but sometimes it’s best to let them go before they pull you along; Not everyone wants to be saved.


One thing one should not forget is that if you always get to see the beauty part of someone, keep it in mind that one day the (ugly) Beast part will eventually surface. You may not be able to handle it at first but you should at least prepare yourself to welcome that. All what you can as well do for them is to identify their Beauty and help them grow on that. Who knows, they may end up being more beautiful than the beautiful ones.

There are plenty of evidence to suggest that we judge other people far too readily on their appearance not giving them the least opportunity prove us wrong or right.

Sometimes we need to deal with the Beast in our own selves, not just the one with four legs but one with two legs, one that makes you generally feel pretty rotten about yourself, one that brings out the feeling that there is something inherently unlovable about you, or that you are inherently unworthy of being loved, one that makes you rude and cruel to others because you feel they are better than you, and one that makes you want to take away the joy in others because you feel you can never have one. I just have this for you; “Embrace them all, that makes you human”.  It is in what we think is most ugly about ourselves that makes us most human;  our flaws.

Indeed, we really want others to think well of us and be seen as ‘Beautiful people’.  We want to be loved and adored by others, but that simply makes us praiseworthy.  It is those parts of ourselves that we think are ugly, where there is the greatest potential for transformation.  as the saying goes  ‘there is a little bit of bad in the best of us, and a little bit of good in the worst of us”. There is a need to stop trying to Whitewash what we term as ‘Bad”, since in doing so we leave a part of ourselves in the dark and we fail to love and accept ourselves fully and completely.

There is a true Beauty lying within but it can only be seen by looking the ‘Beast’ in the eye, So take a look at yourself and in any Beast you find around you, and find the real Beauty that lies within.


Beauty and the beast


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