Whoever has not failed in life, has one way or the other never tried climbing the ladder to success. The joy in succeeding comes as a result of constant failure. If you have never failed at something, you will never know how it feels like to succeed, the tears of joy it comes along with, sometimes making your knee go weak.

Some books defines Failure as to miss, be lacking or not succeed, and Success as accomplishment of ones aim or purpose. To fail does not mean you are a failure, it only means try again with experience.

The journey to success has no destination, often with a difficult beginning, crooked midway but with a happy ending. It requires patience but persistence, involving working sincerely and wholehearted, planning, learning, and above all loving what you are doing.

Mostly when someone fails at something I’m moved to congratulate them more and wholeheartedly, sometimes they are surprised by my actions but failing tells how brave they are by taking the first step that nobody is prepared to take.

Some people are so fretful and worry too much, wanting and yearning to complete the journey forgetting its a process and they have to go through each of the stages it carries them to. Others looks out for shortcuts and willing to step on anybody so as to be named the first. They forget success is not about being the first, but its also about the difference you make not only in your life but often in the lives of those around you. Those that look up to you, those falling because they stepped on a weak ground, those that are tired and frustrated and as such want to give up, those that have lost faith and hopes no more. It involves lifting others to where you are, don’t consider yourself successful if you have not been able to help someone get to where you are.


Success involves taking the first step, believe you will succeed even when you can not see the next step. You may be left alone with the world against you but it wouldn’t matter because life journeys are best when you do it without pleasing others, like Ikem stated in the book Ant Hills of the Savanna “I do not know the root to success but the root to failure is to try to please everyone”. The journey to success requires being the first example, a person of value, and serving others.

Success does not come overnight, you may not enjoy every minute of the journey, but the success you will find at the end will make it all worth it. Just stay focused and positive when it feels like you are falling apart.

Take the journey to your success today, never looking back nor giving up. Never being afraid to fail, and never hesitating to put the success of others before your own. There you will also complete your journey and be successful.

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