The one word no amount of words put into sentence has been able to explain perfectly; LOVE! Indescribable, incomparable, and uncontainable, one that melts even the hardened heart causing the eyes to water. I figured there is nothing classical, nor pure nor suitable for Love than A Red Rose.

For years I have kept asking people for a simple definition but what I mostly got were attributes of Love, and never its true meaning. So far my more acceptable definition given by some people is love is putting the wants and needs of others first before yours”, and such a coincidence it was that the topic for my bible class today was centered on love just as my write up topic for the week.

AS we usher into the week where we celebrate LOVE, I will want to share my experience on love and to quench the thirst of those who have always wanted know my view on that. I’m certain some people will be a little disappointed at the end because it won’t be what they would want to hear, but trust me it will be all you need to know.

Once upon a time when I didn’t want people to get too close to me and chose to live to my comfort “supposedly“, a young lady “found me”. To date I still do not know what she saw in me then, but loved me with no string attached. She didn’t really make her intentions clear to me and I had never had somebody cared for me that much more than family, so she seemed like a stalker worst a lesbian. The truth is she saw the emptiness within me and wanted to fill it up with a broad heart that only said “Will You be My Friend?”

It was the hardest offer i could ever make so i did everything to push her away, i often did the opposite of what she liked, never heeded to her advice and somehow abused her since she was always ready to clean up my mess. I only sorted ways and means to make things harder for her, to make her hate me but no matter how hard i tried she would always forgive and never gave up on me. Until my stubbornness landed her on a hospital bed, then and only then did I realize I didn’t even deserve that love. I always saw her as one who had everything and all the love one could ever be gifted with on earth.

But that day as she laid on that bed struggling to breath, i saw how rich i was and how poor she was deep within. She’s didn’t even have and had not received the slightest amount of love I had then, nor what she was offering me and I could not stop wondering how she could do that; give out what she has never receive, love me more than her own self, care for me better than I could ever care for myself.


She is not a perfect friend nor is she my best friend, but I guess she is the first love God ever gave me on earth and now I can give out more love since she gave and showed me more. She may never know how much she means to me nor the extent to how much she loved me, she may read this and may even wonder who I am referring to. But there’s one special thing she did which was gifting me A Red Rose on Valentine’s Day.

My definition for love may not be perfect, but it is as just as I have receive; Giving out not the excess but more than you have ever Received. There are lot of people who shows no compassion or sympathy for others, I do not blame them for they may have never received the love I was ever given. Some choose hatred and anger in placement of love in order to feel strong, sorry to say “that tells how weak you are”. Love in its true sense is strength and those who lack it are weak.

We may have lost some people to hatred, bitterness and so on, nevertheless we have a chance to change their love story, let’s move out bearing the love we have been given with A Red Rose plugging out its thorns so it does not hurt them too. let’s talk and walk in manner symbolizing how much we love them. It may get tough but love always conquer.

Love is Strength! Love is Power! And with it we can face the world together!



DEDICATED: To the one with A Red Rose

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