Months ago I met a seven years old boy with his mother who kept complaining of abdominal pains, his mum told me he’s been to hospitals, done various laboratory investigations but nothing was found to be wrong. During his recent visit the doctor had prescribed analgesic and antibiotics but he still complaint of pain.

While talking to the mother the boy shouted “ I don’t want to go to any more hospitals or see a doctor, they have been attending to me for a long while but what have they been able to do? All they do is run a lot of tests and scans but none of them has been able to cure me, I am tired of them. I just need prayers and I will be healed”.


I was amazed to hear that coming from a seven years old, most of all how much faith he had in getting healed after being prayed for.

Faith is a state of being convinced about what we hope for. Faith Speaks the language of the heart. It is an expression of hope that goes beyond the conscious mind, for something better, more than just a wish. It’s closer to belief but not quite because belief is rooted in the mind while faith is based in the heart.

We all act in faith even when there is no guarantee, no certainty. For instance we can not know how life with our partners will turn out, yet we continue to have faith that our relationship will stand the test of time.

Our world is filled with injustice, cruelty, and hatred yet there is also tenderness, kindness, love, which takes a bigger part in our heart. No or less faith in ourselves will only hold us cheap, and we wouldn’t as well live as free people if we had no faith in others.

Faith isn’t just a notion that some people hold onto in tough times; faith is an important element to all human life. Life is precious, but it can also be remarkably difficult at times. Faith is what helps to get us through,and while life can be hard at the best of times, faith is the knowledge, deep down inside, that things will get better. It’s taking the next step when you can’t see the entire staircase, its blind though but all you need is to see the first staircase.

On illustrating to my own self how faith works, I blindfolded myself and tried to find the way to my room while standing outside. I spun for a while and started my journey. It was scary at first not knowing where I was or anything around that could injure me so I stretched out my hand trying to get hold of something to help me locate where I was. Then I heard the sound of the music i was playing in my room, and I knew I will find my room by following the sound of the music. I begun crawling, a step at time with confidence that I will get there. Gradually I manage to touch the walls and some other room door which helped me to know of where I was then. The sound of the music also got louder and louder as I drew closer to my room which made me so excited. When I finally touched the knob of my room door, I knew I had a successful journey with the guide of the sound of the music in my room. That is what faith is, all my eyes could see was darkness but my heart saw the light being the sound of the music which could get me to my destination.


Without faith, we couldn’t expect that things would turn out all right for us no matter what the situation might be.

Faith, is important as the air we breathe. While the oxygen in the air nourishes the body, faith nourishes the heart and the soul.People have moved mountains with their faith. Even when situations seemed dire and bleak, it is faith that carries us through.

The unfortunate thing is some people say they don’t believe in things that they cannot see. Surprisingly they undergo surgeries not even knowing the level of experience of the surgeon nor if they are going to wake up and recover from a general anaesthesia,yet they leave messages like “See you after my surgery”. That’s an act of faith, believing in the team performing the surgery and that it will be successful.


Having faith doesn’t cause things to happen overnight. It gets harder before it gets better. Little by little, a part of us is broken, until one day, we dig deep down inside and somehow find the strength we needed to make it through. That strength comes from our faith. Whether it’s your faith in God or in something else, that faith shall set you free.

Everything in life is far easier to get through when we have faith. It’s the guiding light that helps push us towards our purpose.

Even when all you see is the storm, just let your heart lead and believe in the sunset the eyes can not see.

You do not need to see what u want or hope for, just have a strong believe it is there and you will find yourself holding it.


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