I have always loved Children especially the toddlers.
How messy they can be.
So curious wanting to know almost everything thereby asking significant and insignificant questions that always starts with “why” , and not taking “No” for an answer because they feel there’s a satisfying answer behind it.
They never judge you, don’t care about your status or possessions or what people think of you. They just want to have fun and get to know you.

Have you ever imagined how the world would be like we see it through the eyes of a child?

They’re always smiling and laughing even at a frowned face, caring less about your reaction to what they are doing, and so full of pure Joy.

They only see beauty and positivity in almost everything and so their most fond words or sentences are “wow“, “look at that it’s so beautiful”.
To them the world is just a lovely work of Art filled with bright colours and beautiful creatures.
No wonder every person’s childhood is described so beautifully.
If only we all could view the world in such manner.

I remember my childhood days when all the children in the household would lie on the floor outside at night and count the stars, look at it as the most beautiful thing and would wish to pull it down and hold it.
Days when we would play and lie on the grass during the day to feel the sun fall on our faces along with our old dog.

To every child the Mother is the most beautiful, father the strongest among all men, and a big sister or brother is a role model.
In the eyes of a child there’s no Good or Bad, no Right or Wrong and everything is new.
They ain’t jaded by what the world has to offer and are always excited and full of possibilities.
Their minds are always cleared not knowing what to expect, making everyday seem to them as a clean slate and anything can happen.

Unlike adults, everyone is a potential friend to a child, so they’re open to meeting new friends. They want to smile and make new friends, learn their names, what they can do and why.

Children do not care what other people think. Imagine how it would be if like if you didn’t care what people thought about you, not to the extent you totally let yourself go. But just enough so you do things you want to do without worrying about what others will think, because honestly you never know what others are thinking.

Another amazing thing about Children is that their imagination is limitless, no wonder a child can say ” I want to be a lawyer in future, and the next day he want to be a pilot because he thinks that will be also be cool and so on“. They see no barrier to what they want or think they can do.
Sometimes they challenge themselves and want to carry something that even overweighs them.

They’re positive thinkers, never wanting to settle for any impossibility and see only the brighter side of everything.

I know growing up comes along with abolishing childishness but If we could all see the world through those cute and beautiful eyes of a child, our everyday activity will be free from stress, insomnia, worry, hatred and so on.

We would only concentrate on the positives and let go of the “what ifs” because they always end with the negatives and giving up.

We would only see the beautiful things in people and ignore their flaws.

We would greet strangers with a smile not worrying about who they are.

There will only be unity and so much love, if we see the world through the eyes of a child.


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