How do you think the world would have been like without pain or suffering.

One may say paradise, so much joy and love.

But can there ever be love without pain?
Joy without suffering?
Or laughter without sorrow?
If you do not feel pain then you do not know what love is.
Or if you have never experienced joy then you have never suffered,.Likewise if none of these things existed we would have gotten used to that way of living and would have wished to know how it felt like to be in pain or to suffer.

Just as all humans although afraid to die yet wanna know how it feels like to die.A woman gets pregnant and carries the foetus for nine months amidst morning sickness, mood swings, loss of appetite, pains, and all the changes involved. Some spend almost all the pregnancy period on a sick bed till she delivers “No baby, no home”, at times beg for it to be terminated so they can be free from the pain it is causing them.
As if that is not enough, the moment
Labour sets in the mechanism involved makes her go through an extreme pain worst than any she has probably ever experience and it does not last until the baby arrives.The beautiful thing is the Joy in their eyes the moment they hold the baby, sometimes even cry, like to say
It was worth going through all that pain for you”.Likewise can each person say so after enduring all the pain, suffering or losses the world make you go through. When you set your eyes on the reward you earned, you can bold say “It was indeed worth it”.Every human go through that at each stage of life.
A baby right after birth, in order to stay alive needs to cry or go through stimulations and further more resuscitation until he does so.A student must sacrifice his bed and sit by his books so as to achieve the success he wants.A parent must pay a huge price inorder to give his ward the life he never had.
At the end there is joy after each pain, and we value the joy as much the severity of the pain it costed us.There is always rain after a heavy storm.
Joy after each pain and suffering.Day after each night

Pain or suffering in our lives isn’t the end.
It the beginning of the end.
The beginning of our Victory.
Sometimes they teach us a lot a things we probably never knew.
Make us stronger than before.
Prepare us for task ahead.
Make us a pillar in our families.Other times they make us an inspiration to others.
A reason for others to never give up but keep fighting to the end.
A reason to smile again, and tell the pain “what are you here to teach me”.

The world is as beautiful as it is because there is pain, suffering, love and Joy.


  1. This reminds me of “weeping may endure for a night but joy comest in the morning”our pain will surely not be in vain.Bless you dear.


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