IMPOSSIBLE CHOICES; Based on the story of Johannesburg switched at birth babies

A Choice is the right, power or opportunity to choose.

I’ve always loved this quote and used it in my day to day affairs;

Life today is a collection of Choices made Yesterday tomorrow’s Realities will be based on your choice Today.

These choices sometimes seem impossible but there will always be an option aside the worst choice.

We only make the mistake of choosing the worst option since it mostly settle things early or what we want, not what we need but temporally, leaving a permanent damage.

While thinking of what to share this week I came across a video on YouTube about two mothers whose babies with different sex were mistakenly switched at birth, realizing it only after 4years. When they thought of what to do they noted each mother wanted the opposite, making it more difficult for the court to decide.

Surrendering the child you have lovingly raised inorder to take back the child to whom you carried for nine months and gave birth to. Such an Impossible Choice no Mother should have to face.

I just could not hold back my tears while watching it for the first time, what the two mothers were going through then. I thought of what I would have done, who would I have chosen.
I don’t have a child of my own yet but thought of that kept breaking my heart each time I replayed the video and i kept telling myself amidst tears and pain:

“I cannot choose, I want my biological child, but I love my psychological child too much to give him up yet I can’t keep them both”.

Every loving mother would want to have the child she gave birth to, one who have her looks or her partner’s. How peacefully can a mother sleep knowing her child is out there with someone else nor she sees the child loving the other woman like it was her.

On the other hand looking at those women and how much each person’s choice was going to affect her in a way, not only them but the whole family.
How this was going to affect the Children if they were swapped and given to their biological mothers, it will you be sounding like their mothers gave them up to be with a stranger. How the night was always going to long for them, it will never be without crying to be in their known mothers arms.
Being with a stranger who does not know or remember their likes and dislike.

Like when my kid brother was a baby and started creche. He was always happy on the way to school until we got there and I had to leave him behind. He would cry so pitifully and cling to me like i was leaving him in the arms of murderers, sometimes will make me cry too and would want to take him away from them but I could not send him to my school too. That was a very hard thing for me to do knowing very well I could not take him away, when I close and go to pick him up he will run to hug me like he was saying “I’m glad you came back for me“.
These switched children may be young but it will totally kill them, and they will always remember their mothers gave up on them.

At the end I sided with the courts final decision, there will not be any swapping, each child should be with the psychological parent. Not per what the two mothers want but what was best for the children.
That is what you do when you love someone, you put your want behind and theirs first because it will break your heart a million times over to see them hurting.

The mothers may forever live with the psychological trauma of loosing a biological child, but every mother will gladly make that sacrifice for the sake of her child.
At the end there was no loss or gain, no loser or winner, just two mothers making the Impossible Choice to suit their biological and psychological children.

Life’s choices has also been same, mostly we find ourselves in situations with impossible choices but there are always two options. A good one and a regrettable one, and we are often tempted to make the regrettable choice since it always carry a fast solution unlike the good one, and you will always know which one is the right one.

However you are living today, pleasing to you or not is out of the choice you made years ago.
How the future is going to be will result from the decisions you will make today. Sometimes we blame our misfortune on others forgetting we first made that choice and sometimes we leave the power to choose in the hands of other people but when the consequences arrive we suffer and not them.

Your choice is your power and your strength, and you should never hand it over to someone even when it seems Impossible.
Your choice should never be to please someone.
Your choice should not be influenced by the society so as to fit in.
It should be the Choice that you look back to with no regret.
Take the time you need but not forever because you will be left with regrets when you make the wrong choice.

Choice is something we can not live without, it’s needed at each point in life and at any level of development.
Its confusing, but often the most difficult Choices turns to be the best choice.

Live your life today making the right choices with no regret in the future.

4 thoughts on “IMPOSSIBLE CHOICES; Based on the story of Johannesburg switched at birth babies

  1. Awesome i nearly forgot to read this last week,I’m glad i came to read as soon as i remembered.Very true our choices today can have a great impact on us tomorrow.God bless you greatly dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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