Some people will wonder why the main theme of my blog is HOPE but until now I have not spoken a word about it, well I was waiting for the right moment and I think is now.

HOPE is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with respect to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world as at large.

We mostly use this word and sometimes I feel like we abuse it, not only that but love, Believe, Trust and so on, thereby devaluing it’s weight or power.
To the extent that when you tell someone “I have HOPE that we can get there amidst the heavy storm” it sounds to them like a mother telling a 3 year old “I hope you do not mess up this place by the time I’m back” such Irony, a 3 years old child will definitely create a mess.

HOPE is a feeling of trust, a security, and a reason to keep going. It is a passionate desire of our heart, it is a feeling of expectation and longing for a certain thing to happen,. “Verity Russel”.

How passionate are you about what you HOPE for?
What is your feeling and longing for it to happen?
How expectant and confident are you to see it come to reality?

HOPE is not just a desire for positive outcome to situations but the feeling that things will turn out for the best and consistently looking forward to that positive.
HOPE is going through life expecting with confidence that everything is going to be okay irrespective of what at the moment seems to be reality.
HOPE can be cultivated when we have a Goal in mind and are determined to achieve that Goal no matter what.

I remember the story of the four lit candles that were burning slowly.

The 1st candle Peace said “the world is full of anger and fighting, nobody can keep me lit” then it flame went out completely.
The 2nd candle Faith said ” I am no longer indispensable, it doesn’t make sense that I stay lit another moment” then a breeze softly blew it flame.
The 3rd candle Love also said ” I am love, people don’t understand my importance so they simply put me aside, they even forget to love those who are nearest to them” and waiting no longer love flame also went out.

Suddenly a child walked in and saw the three unlit candles and asked in tears ” why aren’t you burning? You’re supposed to stay lit till the end”.
Then the 4th candle answered ” don’t be afraid, I am HOPE , while I’m still burning we can relight the other candles”. So the other candles were lit by the flame of the candle of HOPE.
Indeed the greatest of these is Love, but the flame of Hope should never go out of your life.

The world is full of evil, confusion, hatred and so much pain that people
don’t even know where to turn to and has lost Hope.
I thought maybe if people are given something to hold unto in difficult situations in life, something to keep them going, to keep them fighting, to keep them living and not giving up.
Maybe, just maybe, it can be their HOPE and the world will be a better place for us all.

I talk about HOPE today not because it’s easy to put something down as a writer just so there will be something for my readers this week, but at some point in my life when I thought I had lost almost everything even the Joy I always found in music became sorrow. I stopped singing, laughing, praying because requests were never answered and my maker seemed to have turned away from me.
Pushed everyone i could away and tried living a normal life yet what i did often was to wake up, go through the day and retire to bed, didn’t even care if I never woke up from my sleep. So numb and deaf like the dead but with one constant thought, “it’s a new day”.

So waking up to each new day became my source of HOPE, thus if I have been gifted a new day then a New day awaits me where all my sorrows shall be washed away.
I begun to look forward with joy to that New Day, and it did not take days, nor months, it took years but it finally did arrive bringing out a Whole New Me. Enabling me to not only have empathy on someone’s situation but to look into their eyes with confidence and tell them “you are going to Walk out of this”.

That is how I came by my blog name “WHERE HOPE REIGNS” because I know there are a lot people out there who have or are still going through worst situations than I ever did.
For some people all seems to be lost and there is no place to turn to but I am here to tell you today “there is still Hope“, and with Hope all what you have lost can be restored, you just have to Believe and don’t give up.

As much as I can I entreat those I share my post with to keep sharing it to others even if you do not see the essence in what I post just share it, you may never know who you can save by sharing it to.

Henceforth when you see someone going through challenges in the darkest place of life instead of making fun of them or pointing out fingers, why not stretch out that hand, look into their eyes with a smile and say
Hold my hand so we can walk out of this together. I’ve got a lit candle in my other hand, it’s going to be our exit plan, there is still Hope“.

We all need HOPE
Hope that together we can build a better world.
Hope that we can have what we want if we Believe we already have them.
Hope that we can make our dreams come into reality without Fear.
Hope that we are greater and more powerful as our maker to overcome each challenge in life.

Don’t ever deny someone of HOPE, it may be the last thing they need to survive.

Be the light that shines in the Darkness of the world giving others HOPE

Dedicated to: Young

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