As humans nobody want to end up with a broken heart
Yet we fall in love knowing very well that no matter how strong the relationship may be it is not strong enough to defeat death.
So at the end we definitely end up with a broken heart.

I guess the most important thing is if loving them was worth that sacrifice of loosing them one day, because a failure will be when you were too scared and not strong enough to give it a try.

The greatest weapon that humans have is the ability to love and be loved knowing very well it may not last forever and that is what makes us strong.

In moments of mourning, silence seems to be the only needed expression.
We sometimes want to do more than saying “sorry for your loss“, but what can we mere humans say to a grieving and shattered heart.

Death is no respecter of persons,
No respecter of how much worth an individual is,
It is a painful intruder and a permissive reminder of our human condition.
Bringing about the fear of not knowing when we can loose a love one and vice versa.
Yet it makes us value each given moment since it might be our last.

But we have a living hope which causes us to rejoice greatly.
The hope that they have completed this phase of life successfully.
Hope that they shall rise up again with a new life, a life that would not perish, would know no sickness, pain or sorrow but everlasting joy.
Hope that they are happy and expects us to be same.
The hope that we will all meet again.
Hope that loving them when you knew you will loose them one day was worth it.

So instead of hating, and ignoring each other, why not appreciate the little things we can have now that is ourselves.

Let’s make merry and create beautiful memories
Like stopping time and preserving it through photograph.
Making sure the last thing we say to a love one before leaving them or going to bed is something sweet enough to hold unto.

Learn to say sorry and mean it even when you are not the guilty one, it would not hurt.
And let it all go no matter how much it weighs, it can never buy a minute of bringing them back when they are gone.

That way we each Grieving Heart can make Merry and create enough love more because that is our strength.

DEDICATED: In memory of the late Elder Daniel Acquah and all Grieving Hearts


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