What is a home?

Think for a moment of your home. If you were to describe it in a word or two, what would it be?

Some dictionaries define it as a place where one lives.
To some people a home is where they live, a place of luxury, others is heaven, and to some others its their family and friends.

A house is just four walls and a roof, may be decorated from floor to ceiling with the finest furnishing money can buy. It may be big, small, fancy or modest but that will never make it a home.

I was so moved when I saw the image attached, on my brother’s whatsApp status.
I felt this inner joy deep within me and just couldn’t help smiling
Noting the secured and comforting look in the little boy’s eyes with his hands wrapped around the cat.
And how relaxed the cat is, peacefully, in the arms of a little boy like there’s no tomorrow, made me think of what a home is and why we call it HOME.

A home is not just a place with a roof, wall, and floor.
A home isn’t just where you come from or your root.
A home isn’t just a house you own.

A home is that place u can cry, laugh, build memories, love and be loved.

A home is the place you can be yourself
It can be anywhere, anything, anyone as long as you can find any of these there.

A home is the place u find warmth, safety, or comfort.
It could be on the street, in a particular Garden, your friends, a lover, family, church, at long as it at least give you what that cat seems to have in the arms of a little boy.

Home is a sacred sanctuary, where the heart is.

A place where we can feel safe and invest our hopes, dreams and wishes as a foundation for our future.

Trust me, even Heaven can not be called Home if it lacks these, but glory be to God who has assured us of Eternal Happiness.

Many people are lost because they don’t really know where their home is.

Others are unhappy because they chose a presentable house over their home.

The smart ones sees their home realizing it is all they need, and they hold firmly unto it, never letting it go.

There is a Place to call Home, for everyone

Until you find where your home is you will never find true happiness, because it is something one can never purchase with money.

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