The journey of life is totally a whole maze. It’s got a starting point, a finishing point and in between it is messy.
Birth is a start point for everyone and our duty is to complete our purpose here before dying.

There are so many routes, yet only one leads to completion or fulfilment to which we have no idea of.
It does not matter how you begin, the path you choose firstly, how long it takes you,

all what is needed is that the moment your journey begins make sure you get to the End point before leaving.

Some paths look straight and seems right but it does not mean it will take you to where you need to be.
Like a maze, the most important thing is whenever you get to a road blocked, don’t stay trying to find means to pull down barriers or create impossible path through it when you can always turn around and switch to a different route.

It does not matter the number of times you miss the right route,
It does not matter the number of mistakes you’ve made or how terrible you might have lived in the past,
It does not matter the wrong Choices you made in the past,
It does not matter how people choose to describe you or judge you.
For as long as your time to get to finish point isn’t over, just turn around and try the other route to fulfill your purpose on earth.

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8 thoughts on “LIFE’S JOURNEY

  1. Thanks u very much for unveiling the reality of life as a maze this is what i have learn from it when I get stuck infront of a wall I can always turn back and look for a different way also so many mistakes can be made but is all just to take us to the end of the journey peaceful.thank you very much

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