The value of a person or thing is not based on how huge it may be, rather the huge impart or difference it makes in our lives.

I’ve been told of how precious a coin is but until I was so broke and needed money so badly, it was a mere saying.

I had Searched my closet and all my bags, and found few coins, added them up but still needed a 10 pesewas coin.
I got so anxious while earnestly searching and praying until I found a 20 pesewas hidden, can’t still describe my joy that day and I called it my lucky coin.
Every person is as valuable as the coin I needed, although small but it made a great difference. The fact is we all need each other at a point in life.

There is this powerful man, knowledgeable, and full of amazing offers he wanted to give out to some people who truly needed it but they only turned a deaf ear because he was arrogant and thought he was doing them a favour.
What this great man did not know was that he needed the people as much as they needed him.
He needed to value, respect, and recognize them irrespective of who they were to which he didn’t.

The fact is People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care, so it took him almost a decade, after he learnt to unlearn a lot of things for them to finally accept him and his offer.
Within those years he came to realize how valuable and precious each individual is irrespective of age, race, gender, rich or poor.
He realized he was no better than any of them, and how much a single person can make a great difference in achieving his aim.

Therefore whatever you want to achieve in life you will need the help of somebody at a point and since you don’t know who or where that person is going to come from you need to value each person, because anybody like the coin, can make a huge difference.

Like a coin in the hand, it may mean nothing or useless to the rich but everything to the needy.
Such should anybody be valued.

6 thoughts on “LIKE THE VALUE OF A COIN

  1. Woooooow i so love this piece,we all need someone at a point in time,hence the reason to value everyone irrespective of their background,race,gender or status.God bless you dear.

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