I only saw how unique and beautiful each person is when I stopped blaming them for who they are; DIFFERENT like myself.

We all can’t be the same, we’ve been created differently,
Different upbringing,
Different likes and dislikes,
Different way of seeing the world, different way of reacting to things and that brings out our unique self.

Growing up I always felt there was something wrong with me because I was different at home, school, church, among peers, even in social gatherings.
From being dominant with the opposite hand everyone around me was, to not doing things or making choices that almost everyone will make, and people will often say to me “why are you so opposite of everything“. To which they were right and I wished for once to act like everyone even by pretending but that didn’t make me feel okay, because I will always regret it at the end.

Until I realized that I am different,
I’m not like everyone
And we cannot be the same because everyone isn’t like the other.
So I started to accept people for how different they are and accepted myself for the difference in me.

I created this page months ago full of energy wanting to give out a message of Hope to the world but when I was done, I paused and asked myself…
What am I gonna post here?
Will people be willing to read it?
Will they be interested?
Will they get the message I want them to?

But come to think of it
Who cares?
If someone reads it or not
If they dislike it or not
Gets the message right or not

It’s still my message of Hope
How I as an individual can use my personality to serve the Energy of my Soul.

We are all different and it’s vital not to switch from being who you were created to be, to be somebody else inorder to fit in or be like anyone else.
Because when you do that you limit yourself and restrict yourself from exploring and giving out to the world what you were created for.

Remember this, people will always see you to be different no matter how hard you try to fit in.

So I say again Who cares what people think about you. It’s all about how you see yourself.

Be Different and become a Great Version of yourself and not someone else.


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