Do birds ever stop flying? Does the rain ever cease since the river got full? Should evening stay on, and morning never come since the cock failed to crow? What then will happen if the ocean dried up? We cry our hearts out and bleed inwardly. Yet do we ever skip taking water when our […]


When I was young, one of the exciting things about Sundays was right after the first church service in the morning, speedily returning home to watch every child’s favorite superheroes’ series “Captain Planet”. Can’t remember the names of the heroes but one thing I know is that every child wanted to be like them. One […]


What if our story, wasn’t really, “Our Story“? Like to say, the life we live each day, seeing only what happens in our lives; the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, joy, sadness, and all the routines to which we term as our story. What if it wasn’t our story? What if our existence was actually being […]

BETTER? OR WORST? A New Beginning

Remember how we started the year with everyone feeling anew even though we were still the same then, and even now. There were unnumbered resolutions, even ones we weren’t so sure we could stick to. It was a new year, although the difference from the year before was just a second. A regular movement of […]


In 2011, at the Emergency unit while the doctors were on strike. I recall this one patient who was left remaining on the ward after several others had been discharged or transferred to the ward. She was in her last stage of breast cancer and could not be discharged home. She was on continuous oxygen […]


A father’s love is pure and a priceless gift to every child, and by the word Father, I do not only mean biological ones otherwise we would be considering “sperm donors” too and neglecting the ones that never had one biologically but fathered many. It is clear that some fathers have or had less or […]


Hm! Hm! Testing mic 1, 2 Kindly lend me your ears, you all lovely people. I carry loads of greetings from the delivery room to each one of you. I know that to most people the image above brings countless memories. From the stage of “love before sight”. Morning sickness, mood swings, balancing diet to […]


Dark days ain’t known as darkish because the moon is probably in between the sun and earth, blocking off the light rays of the sun from shining through the earth. It is termed so because the heart in all likelihood is best seeing and feeling the darkness inside. It’s feeling the ache, anxiety, and longing […]


This dawn, while our night shift got calm. Rosemary asked; “Grace, would you die for yourself?” I just smiled. She sounded so emotional and deeply in tune with the season. “Can you imagine how Jesus felt at this moment, on that day?” She added and went on to say, as stated below. I can imagine […]


Not long ago, there was this image posted on a site called “The Mind Journal“, to which they requested viewers to provide a caption. I shared the image on my WhatsApp status and received various remarks from some people. As illustrated above, one can see an image of a man holding a huge blade, and […]


There was this lady in my high school days, I would often look at her and ask myself “Why can’t i preach like she does?”. I would admire her and tell myself that “i wished i could preach like she does”. She was not the best, but her message carried some kind of emotion that […]

ITS A PROCESS; A Journey To Success

Whoever has not failed in life, has one way or the other never tried climbing the ladder to success. The joy in succeeding comes as a result of constant failure. If you have never failed at something, you will never know how it feels like to succeed, the tears of joy it comes along with, […]

HOW MUCH? The Undying love

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever fallen out of it? Gotten your heart broken and feeling you will never find love again. Badmouthing and seeing every person of the opposite sex as evil since one left you broken. You become a self-turned Evangelist, preaching the message of how fearsome and cruel love […]